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Using Guitar Tabs

Taking the steps to learn guitar tabs is a great thing to do to help your guitar playing. This is one of the easiest ways to learn to play the guitar without having to learn how to read music which is much more complicated. Tabs are mostly used to learn guitar riffs and solos but be warned, a lot of the guitar tabs you find on the Internet aren't always very accurate, some are quite good but there are so many to choose from that you might have to try a few different ones if you think something sounds wrong.

Although this is the case for riffs and melody lines it isn't so important for learning guitar solos. There aren't that many guitar solos that are composed note for note, at least not for most rock or blues lead breaks anyhow. You shouldn't worry about this however because learning a guitar break note for note doesn't actually benefit you if your goal is to learn how to improvise. Improvising on the guitar is more about gaining ideas, the more you know the more you have to play with.

Guitar tabs are a great source for gaining new ideas, picking up licks and all the necessary stuff to build your knowledge such as guitar scales and figure out what other guitarists do when they improvise guitar solos. It doesn't need to be perfectly accurate as the song was recorded. Think about it, the final version of a recording that you get to listen to might not necessarily have been the only take that was used. Quite often a guitarist will try many takes and use the one they like best, so what are you really gaining by learning an improvises solo note for note?.

Personally, when I look at a guitar tab for a great guitar solo I will just pick out the bits I like and learn those, I won't even necessarily play it exactly as written because all I'm looking for is ideas to add to my repertoire. By the time I'm done I might have even changed quite a lot but I've still learnt something new and haven't wasted hours of time trying to learn something that I can't use in other ways. If you spend hours learning something exact then you can't actually do anything else with it other than play it over the song it was written for.