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Guitar Scale Exercises

Throughout these pages you will find some useful scale exercises to help you with your guitar playing. Learning scales is important if you want to learn to play lead guitar because many guitar solos are based around guitar scales. Start by learning the common ones such as major, minor and pentatonic as these are the most common. Learn them in all positions of the neck so that you know them fluently.

Once you are comfortable with the scale patterns you should practice using scale sequences. A lot of beginner guitar solos sound robotic because of a lack of ideas on what you can do with a scale pattern. Beginners tend to play the scale notes in step fashion simply moving from one scale note to the next. Learning to play scale sequences will inject some life into your guitar scale playing. They can be quite difficult to master so go slowly at first and then play around with them over some backing tracks, you'll soon hear the difference.

Major Scale Patterns

Natural Minor Scale Patterns

Harmonic Minor Scale Patterns

Melodic Minor Scale Patterns

Minor Pentatonic Positions

Major Pentatonic Positions

Scale Sequence Exercises