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How To Read Guitar Tab - Tab Legend

Accented note

Guitar Tab Accented Note Example

Artificial harmonic

Guitar tab artificial harmonic example


Guitar tab bend example

Bend - Release

Guitar Tab Bend - Release Example


Guitar Tab Bend-Release-Bend Example


Guitar Tab Pre-Bend Example

Pre-Bend Release

Guitar Tab Pre-Bend Release Example

Brush down

Guitar Tab Brush down Example

Brush up

Guitar Tab Brush up Example

Dead note

Guitar Tab Dead note Example

Fade in

Guitar Tab Fade in Example

Ghost note

Guitar Tab Ghost note Example

Grace note

Guitar Tab Grace note Example

Hammer on

Guitar Tab Hammer on Example

Legato slide

Guitar Tab Legato slide Example

Natural harmonic

Guitar Tab Natural harmonic Example

Palm Mute

Guitar Tab Palm Mute Example

Pinch harmonic

Guitar Tab Pinch harmonic Example


Guitar Tab Pop Example

Pull off

Guitar Tab Pull off Example

Guitar Tab Legend Continued >>>

Tip: When using guitar tabs from the Internet you should remember that many of them aren't always accurate. This doesn't mean you can't learn anything from them, they do still have their uses. It's very common to use tabs to learn guitar solos for your favourite songs but if you are finding these on free sites then expect them to not always be spot on. This doesn't matter so much for improvised lead breaks which many solos are anyway in the rock and blues genres especially, so taking time to learn guitar tabs is still very worthwhile. If you are learning these kind of solos then don't get too hung up on accuracy, just use them to get ideas that can be used and manipulated to fit your own guitar solos.