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Arpeggio Tabs for Guitar

Arpeggios are scales consisting only of chord tones. A chord is defined as the playing of chord tones simultaneously, while an arpeggio is defined as the playing of the same notes separated by time. In other words, the notes belonging to a C major chord are C E G. The chord will be played like that in the first bar of the TAB below. An arpeggio would be played like that in the second bar.


Arpeggios can be played in any note order sequence and any note length. The best way to think of an arpeggio is to simply think of it like you would any scale, albeit, with fewer notes than a diatonic scale. A pentatonic scale, for instance could also be considered to be am7add11 arpeggio.

Learning arpeggios is a great way to play improvised solos to fit melodically with the underlying chords and add flavour to your soloing.

Click on the links below to find common arpeggio patterns.

Major Arpeggios

Minor Arpeggios

Major Seventh Arpeggios

Minor Seventh Arpeggios

Dominant Seventh Arpeggios


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